Adnan Arduman was born in 1953 in Istanbul. After graduating from Lycée Saint-Benoit (a French high school in Istanbul) he went to France to study mechanical engineering in I.N.S.A. de Lyon.

Designed and built his own tube amplifiers, had radio programs in Açık Radyo (Istanbul) and is an amateur photographer specialized in street photography. Currently works in the High End Audio field at Timpani Audio, a company that he had founded in 2003.

Adnan Arduman’s exhibition, “Out of the Doors”, consisting of black and white street photographs, was presented to the viewers at the Schneidertempel Art Center in Istanbul in 2017.

He began writing short stories in 2012 and wrote sixteen of them. The English translation of the novella “Run Away” was published on in 2018. “Komşudaki Hamam Böcekleri” (Cockroaches Of The Neighbor) is Adnan Arduman’s first novel published in December 2021 by YOK.